What's it like to work for EWR Co?

Meet Martin, our Head of Customer Strategy

Our Head of Customer Strategy, Martin Phillips brought knowledge and learning from his time at HS2 and Virgin Trains to the East West Railway Company team. But he wasn’t always in rail, with years of experience in customer-focused roles for restaurant giants including Pizza Express. He says: 

 “I love working at East West Railway Company because people genuinely try to do things differently in ways that the industry hasn’t done before. My role has been made easier because from the very start, before any design decisions have been made, we’re talking about customers – which is how it should be.

Martin Headshot
Cashmira Headhsot

Meet Cashmira Praminak, Strategic Reporting Executive

Cashmira Pramanik is a rail novice, but her data analytics and performance management experience for companies such as AECOM and Kier are transferable skills that she now uses in her role as Strategic Reporting Executive. She says: 

 “I am thoroughly enjoying my role at East West Railway Company because of the open and fun-oriented work culture.  I feel there is the vision and genuine drive to become the workplace of the future and make a difference. People have been really warm and welcoming and have always entertained even the most basic of questions from someone like me who is completely new to the rail sector.”